I make things sometimes. I can't work on them all the time, since I'm in high school still.

This may include projects not really public yet or won't ever be completed - feel free to ask however.

🥪 mcrib.town

Crossplatform (Java + Bedrock*) anarchy server for Minecraft. Nothing else to really say. Stop by if you feel like it.

🎵 yellowcab

Service that you can embed into your site to show what music you're listening to at all times. Example is on my homepage!

⏩ bypassitforme

Website (and possibly soon-to-be-extension) that bypasses common ad-link sites such as ouo.io, tei.ai, ity.im and other ones. Inspired by the somewhat similar Universal Bypass but server-side bypassing rather than client-side.

✈️ streamabletube.xyz

A service to easily embed YouTube videos into the default HTML5 video player.

🔗 msglinks

A Discord (and planned-to-be Matrix) service that allows sharing of links outside of each of their apps.

The project is nowhere near complete but it's certainly usable to self-host. I'm just not hosting it until it's complete for atleast Discord.

There are more projects I'm working on - I'm still working on this site though!

In the meantime you can look at my dumb one-off joke sites here.