i have quite a lot of things going on! check some of them out.

# programmed

things i (and possibly a friend) programmed!

files.gay favicon


open sourced file hoster, written with hazy. currently being worked on to be actually good.

source code (outdated) live version


display what you're currently listening to on your website, using an embed or an API! originally based on node, now rewritten in go by hazy. example here.

source code live version


inspired by aai.li, this is a site dedicated to finding information on other websites.

source code live version


a webserver similar in fashion to github pages. it's what runs this and all of my other static websites. although i haven't contributed as much as id like it fits here since i pay for it.

website source code
some more websites i haven't worked on in a while

some other things are missing from this, too. ask me if you really want a complete list of what i worked on here.


pending rewrite website to bypass adlinks such as ouo.io and others. it's dead now

# hosted

things i didn't code but host for myself and others.


a gitea instance that's super gay (based)

website my profile


a mastodon (running a fork-of-a-fork) instance hosted by hazy and I.

website profile

# other

here's everything that doesn't fit into one category

general youtube archival

i don't have an extensive list of youtube videos i have archived (i plan to have one soon!) but i have 10+ TB of youtube videos archived.

i used to back up videos manually but now i download them through automated scripts that scrape everything i watch and i am subbed to, along with channels requested to be backed up by friends.

when i notice i have a video of interest, i tend to dump it onto archive.org (and youtube, if possible) for all to see, unless it puts the original uploaders or people involved in danger.

my archives date started in 2017 (obviously i have videos prior to that), and have been on-and-off going until 2021, when they are consistently going since then

archive.org account contact me

vhs tape archival

i have a collection of hundreds of vhs tapes! i have a whole page for this here. other relevant links below.

archive.org account main tape channel individual ad channel

thanks for reading!