aria blue

programmer and weezer enjoyer

web projects

⏩ bypassitforme

active, started jul 30 2021

website that bypasses common ad-links like,, and other sites. inspired by fastforward but server-side instead of client-side.


active, started apr 01 2022

closed signup file hoster, 500mb per upload. contact me for a login.


active, not programmed by me but it's hosted by me (see here)

gitea instance that's super gay (based).

⏬ ytdlp-web

active, started jan 29 2022

download videos from many different sites.

🚂 startpage-engine

active, started jan 17 2022

simple to call API that scrapes from sites for useful information to those that make startpages.

🏁 my personal startpage

active, started jan 17 2022

this is my startpage i use on my system, hosted by github pages


active, but not up to date

crossplatform anarchy server for Minecraft.

🎵 yellowcab

active, started oct 18 2021

embeds for what you're currently listening to on your website.


active, needs contributors, see source

photos of socks, but open sourced and free because why not.


active, may need overhaul

website for my friend. nothing special, super simple.


currently abandoned

embed youtube videos into the html5 player really easily.

🔗 msglinks

abandoned, impossible to make due to discord's new bot policies

service that embeds discord messages outside of discord. not currently complete.