aria blue

programmer and weezer enjoyer


latest tweets by default on twitter web

auto-sets your twitter feed to be latest tweets and not the arguably bad home feed.

remove redirect warnings on

removes redirect warnings that open a new tab on adblock bypass

allows you to browse Napalm FTP / with an adblocker.

remove desktop video previews on youtube

removes autoplaying previews on YouTube when you hover over the thumbnail of a video.

ustvgo/247 improver

removes channels that are paywalled via a VPN subscription from USTVGO/


play movies and TV shows right on the IMDb page of the show or movie. adblocker highly recommended (download one here).

vidsrc improver

goes well with yarrplay. removes incompatible sources from's player.

unhide sites at my school

removes barriers for websites at my school. may/may not work at your school if the IT department is as unexperienced as mine.


download games off of for free