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privacy policies are required to be included on websites according to the GDPR guidelines.


this site, all subdomains of,, and are all controlled by aria blue. has it's own privacy policy, readable here.

aria can be contacted at or any of the social medias mentioned here.

what data do your sites collect?

most subdomains collect no data other than user input. below has details on specifcs on the page.

this service uses caching of user input and the bypassed link. this is both used to save costs and to make the site faster.

all data that is saved from there is your input, the output the server gave and the date of the process.

you can easily opt out of this by ticking the "Don't cache response?" box on the site.

how do these sites use cookies? uses session cookies to keep track of your account, if you have one. these cookies are not required for this service but are needed if you have an account.

last updated: april 24th, 2022. if this needs an update, let me know.