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this page gets a little nerdy, italicized words have definitions available by hovering over them.

i enjoy obscure media and media restoration. i collect home recorded VHS tapes and i'm looking to eventually collect casettes of radio recordings too!

with all of that said, i like to release encodes! i do so for obscure media that hasn't seen a official home release in decades or ever, really.

i might occasionally do an encode for things that already have a home release within recent years but that's probably because the home release is, in my opinion, bad.

here are some of my releases :)

nightmare ned restoration

relatively simple restoration of an ABC saturday morning cartoon.

i used ffmpeg for the majority of the episodes, cropping out the black bars and cutting out the commericals. i did use some Myspleen rips given to me by a friend of mine. I, then, cropped out any black bars and took out any commericals and bumpers left in the tapes.

in one of the episodes, i switched sources between the title card and episode itself because one of the rips didn't have a title card.

you can read the rips mediainfo here: mediainfo (for episode 1)

download here:

I also released this on private forum Snahp, if you have access to that forum, search "Nightmare Ned COMPLETE x265"

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