dislike having money?

look no further!

every month i spend around $43.99 on hosting alone (domains and storage not included) to run public services. don't ever feel obligated to donate, but some help every now and then is nice and very much appreciated.

debit/credit cards

if you prefer to donate via gift card to amazon/ebay/steam or something similar, let me know!


i'm not a crypto bro but if this is your only means of donating reasonably, be my guest.

monero: 46hVgK3NNw7MDUREEJ9quibNXjEEdvgTDhr6qathA1NF568JB9cNqExWTrcDVD3MdC2Pfz4ckFDARYNEqQXXKXMz4ynsQZS

any donations of any amount is much, much appreciated.